Birds of Grindstone and Hecla

Nesting Material

March 2010

Manitoba birds are arriving daily and will soon be starting to build their nests.  A fun activity to do with your children is to search around your house for an assortment of nesting materials that you can provide for our newly arriving birds.

You can place any of the following material where birds can easily find them.  Put them on a tree branch or hang over a clothesline.  Perhaps you could stuff an empty suet basket with fur.  Do not place nesting material on a nest as the returning birds may think that that nest is occupied.

Nesting Materials could be:

  • String, yarn, rope or thread no longer than 4” in length
  • Pieces of soft cloth
  • Bits or scraps of fur
  • Pet hair
  • Cotton
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Feathers
  • Dried grasses
  • Human hair
  • Wool

Have fun watching our feathered friends gather their favourite nesting material.  Send us any pictures you may get of the busy birds.

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