Checklist of the Birds

Checklist of the Birds of Grindstone and Hecla:

img_5084backgroundGrindstone is rich in number and diversity of species due to the variety of habitats within, such as mature boreal forests, marshlands, sandy beaches, farm land, small urban setting, small and large islands. Grindstone is near to Grassy Narrows Marsh area with its dykes, hiking trails and wild life (on nearby Hecla Island). Birds are numerous in the spring and fall migrations & many waterfowl can be found nesting here.

The opportunity for cottagers to enjoy birding at Grindstone is endless. Birds that are considered uncommon in some areas are found in abundance here.

Various interested birders got together to prepare a handy checklist of the birds in the Grindstone and Hecla area. This is a comprehensive list which also includes the probability of encountering the species in each of the seasons. The 12 page pamphlet is a convenient size to carry at 4 ½” x 7”. The cost for 2 pamphlets is $5.00 which includes shipping and handling in Canada. Click here to order pamphlets Birding pamphlets are also available for sale at The Grindstone General Store.

Checklist of the Birds of Grindstone and Hecla

Checklist of the Birds of Grindstone and Hecla


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