Grindstone Contests

Grindstone Scavenger Hunt Contest
Announcing another contest!   It is a scavenger hunt.  At the following link you will find the puzzle pieces you are trying to find in our ENTIRE PARK.  Some are a little tricky some are incredibly easy.   Take a peak, 

Scavenger Hunt Pictures

Find as many locations as you can, send those locations, with your name, phone number and cottage lot number to   Enjoy the time with your families or friends and good luck!  Entries must be in by July 28th, 2010.
All are clearly visible from the road.  DO NOT enter onto any cottage lots.  Have fun, grab your puzzle sheet, bikes, cameras and head out.  All participant names will be entered into the draw!  How easy is that!

What category are you in?  
 If you find   –    9 or less consider yourself a ‘Weekend Visitor”
                10  –  13  “Observant Biker” 
              14  –  17  “Grindstone Geographer”
“Weekend Visitors” will receive a single ballot for the draw, “Observant Bikers” will receive two ballots for the draw and “Grindstone Geographers” will receive 3 ballots for the draw.
There will be a $25 gift certificate to the store and additional prizes will be announced a little later on.  In the meantime get out there and have some fun!  Why not send the website pictures of you and your friends on the hunt.  Good luck.

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