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August 2010

The Annual General Meeting of the Harbour Authority is set for 7:30PM on Friday August 27th at the Riverton Curling Club. Official invites will be sent out by mail by August mid-month to those cottagers and commercial fishermen who are eligible to attend. This year’s AGM, in addition to the normal report from the Executive and other business proceedings, will also include an election/re-election of the Directors and the President. There are five Directors of the Harbour Authority (including the President) with three representing commercial fishers and two Directors representing recreational boaters.  If you are unable to attend, your vote can be given to another eligible voter through proxy.

The Board continues to work with Small Craft Harbours on an expansion of the harbour to accommodate larger commercial fishing vessels and by default provide additional berths for the recreational boaters. This expansion would involve the construction of an additional breakwater closing off the west and northwest portion of the harbour providing better protection within the harbour from north winds. The funding has been approved by Small Craft Harbours provided the work can be completed by March 31, 2011. Presently, SCH is negotiating with the Province to lease the water lot required for the breakwater and arranging the necessary environmental assessment reviews. If all goes well, this project would be going out to tender later this year.

Those of you who are frequent users of the harbour may have noticed a porta-potty beside the shed in the past month. Provided by the Harbour Authority, it was believed to address a much needed amenity in the harbour. In addition to the four floating docks being installed earlier this year, we received new tubs to replace the tires which have been used as floats on two of the docks on the north side. This work will be completed in the fall.

Finally, the 2nd Annual Little Grindstone Harbour Authority “Fish Fry” appears to be a guaranteed success. Tickets are selling fast! See Don at the Grindstone Store if you haven’t got your tickets yet!

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