History of Grindstone Park

The first cabin lot draw at Grindstone was advertised in the Free Press on May 29, 1976. You can find links below to it and a few other early draws. Many of these first cottagers are still enjoying cottaging at Grindstone! Do any of you have interesting memories you could share with us about clearing/ building a cottage without power? How times have changed!


Do you remember when ground beef was $.59 a pound? Milk was 3 quarts for $.89? Chicken was 3 pounds for a dollar? It makes me feel old when I think about such things, but here is a funny story that appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press on January 18, 1978 that you might enjoy.

Under the heading “Tag on Provincial Cottages too high?” was a story that explained that the 11 government log cottages that were built at Black’s Point were going to be sold by lottery draw for the sum of $16,500. This was $15,200 for the log cabin and $1,300 in lot fees. While the government felt it was a good deal, there was a realtor in the Interlake area who thought the price was too high. “You’re talking about $21-$23 per square foot for an un-insulated cottage, that seems a bit high”. Apparently the going price for an insulated, finished cottage was around $15-$23 at Grindstone. Yearly fees at this time were $70 for lakefront and $40 for back tier.

So consider this:

  • Purchase price of a log cabin: $16,500
  • Cost to put in interior walls: $1,000 (or $500 to do it yourself)
  • Cost to insulate the floor and attic $500 ($200-$300 to do it yourself)
  • Electricity, Well, Holding Tank: $$$
  • Gas spent driving 95 miles each weekend: $$$
  • The joy of spending thousands of hours at the cabin, watching the kids grow up, showing the grandchildren how to catch their first frogs in the creek at the beach: PRICELESS!

A cabin has to be one of the best investments a family can make. $16,500 was a pretty good price for a lifetime of memories.

For more detailed information on the chronological list of developments at Grindstone please click HERE.


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