Trails Committee – 2009/04/08

The Trails committee began meetings in 2008 with a mandate to review the use of all existing trails and to explore development of new trails.  Presently all trails are shared by skiers, hikers, snowshoers, motorized and non-motorized vehicles.  So far, the committee expanded winter trails by marking trails from Grindstone to the Resort and is working with the Interlake Snow Trackers to provide additional groomed trails for next winter.  ATV’s will have designated areas for use at Grindstone. The committee, along with Parks Branch is developing guidelines for safe travel from the cottage area to trails and the gravel pits.

The Trails Committee could use some additional volunteers so we can maintain what has been started and to take on new projects.  We need volunteers who are interested in all forms of trail use and are willing and able to help with improvements.  Improvements in our development increase property values and provide diverse activities for all cottagers. We also require revenue so that individuals who have incurred expenses can be reimbursed.  To ask questions or volunteer to be on this committee please e-mail us at

Eastman Fisheries

Interlake Water Supply Company

Riverton Chamber of Commerce