GCOA Response to Peat Mine

The board of directors of the Grindstone Cottage Owners Association (GCOA) is opposed to the activity of peat mining in general and the mining activity proposed for the Hay Point Peat Mine Development (#5548) in specific.

We oppose peat mining in general for global environmental reasons based on the activity’s unnecessary contribution to atmospheric greenhouse gases. Peat mining essentially involves the mining of fossilized organic carbon and delivering it for an end use that leads to its aerobic conversion to carbon dioxide. Unlike fossil fuels, peat is a non-essential product for which alternatives exist that impose less of an ecological cost. For example, the market value of the ecological cost of the Hay Point mine (at $12/Tonne of CO2) will be in excess of $300,000 per year for the combined mining and end user carbon footprint (source: calculations based on available mining data).

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