Future Goals

Grindstone Park’s Future: New Projects for a Vibrant Community

In January 2022, Manitoba Parks Conservation and Climate announced the creation of a $20 million Endowment Fund to support projects enhancing ecological integrity and public experiences at Manitoba Provincial Parks. The provincial government sought input from park residents, users, and visitors to ensure effective fund use. The Winnipeg Foundation has designated funds for:

  • Development and maintenance of trails, boardwalks, and associated infrastructure
  • Public-use facilities such as amphitheaters, shelters, day-use sites, playground equipment, docks, and launches
  • Park road maintenance
  • Habitat restoration and enhancement
  • Historical assets and cultural sites
  • Campground enhancements
  • Interpretive infrastructure to support programming

Contributions from the GCOA & Future Goals

In March 2022, the Grindstone Cottage Owners Association (GCOA) requested feedback from members and cottagers to contribute ideas for Grindstone’s future. The board is now channeling these ideas into actionable goals:

  • Increase slips for parking boats and daily parking
  • Improve the boat launch at Black’s Point for larger boats
  • Build a launch, parking, and docks specifically for Grindstone Cottagers
  • Create new trails
  • Provide accessibility mats at the beach
  • Create a snowmobile trail connecting to the main road
  • Dedicate cross-country ski trails
  • Implement additional dust control on roads and subdivisions
  • Create an area for sledding and tobogganing in Grindstone
  • Clean and remove grass and reeds from Big Beach
  • Large-scale cleanup of dead or dying trees to promote new growth

Other Goals & Ideas

Additional projects include:

  • Repairing and improving volleyball courts at the big beach
  • Enhancing cellular service via a new cell tower
  • Stocking the quarry with fish
  • Installing electricity at the beach
  • Building a boat cleaning station
  • Constructing a viewing tower
  • Building a pickleball court
  • Repairing public wells

These initiatives aim to create a vibrant community, offer residents and visitors various recreational and ecological benefits, and preserve¬†Grindstone Park’s legacy for future generations.