Canadian Parks And Wilderness Society 

CPAWS Manitoba: Protecting Wilderness for Future Generations

For nearly 60 years, CPAWS Manitoba has been a leader in conservation, protecting over half a million square kilometers — an area larger than the entire Yukon Territory. Their mission is to ensure at least half of Canada’s lands and waters are preserved for future generations, both human and wildlife.

A Legacy of Conservation

Since 1991, CPAWS Manitoba has been pivotal in establishing 22 parks and protected areas in the province, covering nearly 26,000 square kilometers — an area larger than Lake Winnipeg. Their efforts ensure the voice of conservation on issues affecting Manitoba’s parks and wilderness areas is heard.

Connecting People with Nature

Beyond conservation, CPAWS Manitoba is dedicated to connecting people with nature, fostering a deeper appreciation for the province’s natural beauty. For more information on their work and initiatives, visit their website at CPAWS Manitoba.

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