Grindstone Clothing Company News

Promoting Community Spirit through Apparel

Grindstone Clothing Co.

The Grindstone Clothing Company was established in spring 2018 by board member Kim Gerbinski and her husband, Taylor. Their vision was to promote the Grindstone community by creating comfortable clothing that people want to wear, featuring the Grindstone logo. The company’s range includes hats, toques, hoodies, sweaters, and T-shirts, all proudly worn by park residents and visitors.

A Community-Driven Initiative

Not only does the Grindstone Clothing Company offer quality apparel, but all proceeds from its sales are donated to the Grindstone Cottage Owners Association (GCOA) to reinvest in the park. The company operates its finances independently from the board, managing the cost of its inventory. This venture brings practical and financial benefits to the park and has the board’s full moral support.

Supporting the Grindstone Community

By wearing Grindstone-branded apparel, you show your pride in the community and support initiatives that enhance the park for everyone. Join us in celebrating Grindstone and its vibrant community through this initiative.

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