Grindstone Park Links

Gimli Harbour Webcam 

Courtesy of the New Iceland Heritage Museum.

Lake Winnipeg Monthly Water Levels

Water Stewardship site

Precipitation Maps by a) Percentage of Normal Precipitation and b) Precipitation by mm from weather events.

LWRC:  The Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium Inc. 

Founded in August 1998 to coordinate scientific research on Lake Winnipeg following evidence of water quality deterioration related to the 1997 Red River flood. The LWRC was incorporated in Manitoba in 2001 and received charitable status in 2008. Membership in the LWRC has grown to 32 agencies representing various government and university departments, and corporate and other groups.

The goals of the LWRC are to coordinate scientific research on Lake Winnipeg to understand better the biological, chemical, and physical processes critical to its well-being.

MACO: The Manitoba Association of Cottage Owners

MACO is an umbrella association of cottage, beach, ratepayers’ groups, and individuals in Manitoba.  It is an incorporated, non-profit association run by volunteers.   Its goal is to promote and advance the common interest of ratepayers in cottaging areas in Manitoba.

Native Orchid Conservation Inc.

Manitoba Government Website for lake-related information:

To learn more about parks and Manitoba Conservation

Transport Canada

Boating Safety Information:

Snoman (Snowmobilers of Manitoba) Inc. 

A non-profit organization representing 50 provincial snowmobiling clubs that maintain and groom over 12,000 km of Manitoba’s scenic trails.

Manitoba Department of Water Stewardship. 

Water testing (wells, septic systems and e-coli and algal testing) Weekly beach testing results published.


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Canadian Parks and Wilderness

Follow the link for publications ….Green Cottager Guide Quick reference edition.