Save our Lake in a Clamshell

Save Our Lake in a Clamshell”

Where do we go from here?
Looking for future direction.

Year 1. 2006
o Soul Challenge around the S Basin . Beat or match or just donate to the LWRC
o GCOA donates $500 and a further $600 collected at the display table by cottagers
o Message re awareness of the LWRCs work and the purpose of the Namao
o Basic message Go Phosphate free on land and in water
o Produced listing of sources of P free cleaning products
o Liaised consistently with LWRC on matters of science details
o 80 Color Posters re Challenge and message placed around W side of the Basin
o Article re Challenge in Cottager magazine(3600 and in east side Directory (6000)
o CBC interview and Shaw Cable News report
o Mail out to all Towns, RMs and communities and known associations.
o Articles published in magazines and Fliers
o Started to network with other action groups. MACO, Eco Network Water Caucus
o Organized Story/Picture Contest on the Lake at Grindstone. SOUL Table display
o Lobbied City Hall on use of fertilizers and Pesticides
o Attended LWRC AGM and subsequently reviewed their Bylaw document

Year 2 .2007
o GCOA AGM uses breakout sessions to discuss environmental issues and to
encourage the right way to work and play along the shorelines and proximities
o GCOA donates a further $500 to the LWRC
o Educational Materials package put together re shoreline development, P free
products and their free sources. Hand delivered these packages around S Basin.
o Renewed Challenge
o Cottager magazine articles continued.
o “Water Everyone’s Responsibility” handed out not only at Grindstone but at
o MACO AGM and public opportunities
o Quarterly articles placed in the Gazette
o Quiz on the Lake produced

Year 3. 2008.
o Go Greener Grindstone plan initiated and accepted by GCOA
o Water Survey developed and Grant obtained from MB Water Stewardship Dept.
objective being to canvas cottagers on Water usage and disposal habits with aim
of improving knowledge and changing habits for the better. Mailed to Grindstone Cottagers. Collected, tabulated and evaluated April to Oct.
o Results and recommendations delivered to various depts. Answers to cottagers
queries obtained and printed in Gazette. 38% return rate.
o Co-operated with CPAWS and Water Stewardship in printing 400 Green Action
o Reference Guides for our cottagers
o Responded to the Lake Winnipeg’s Water Stewardship Boards 2006 Report and
o In Fall helped with the submission for Federal project funding towards the
assessment of our natural Wetland and the possible installation of engineered
aspects in tandem with our new lagoon. Objective being to reduce the P level
from septage to the lowest possible level before entering the Lake. A further aspect of this was that one group of scientists wanted to research medical contaminant issues which is a very new but crucial next step in the study of the Lake.

Year 4. 2009
o Submitted above project in January. The project was rejected in October due to
the inclusion of the Contaminant aspect versus pure Nutrient study. No one
knows who exactly pulled the plug!
o Manitoba Schools Science Symposium Special Award set up in March/April for
projects examining factors contributing to the status of the Lake.
o Funds donated from cottagers. $300. 2 prizes awarded and 4 students boarded
the Namao for a look at Science in action.
o The focus in Grindstone this year was on Recycling and re-using.
Our Association and Soul was invited to stand on the Board of the LWRC as a
representative of the General member group. Due to our consistent fundraising
efforts we were placed in the Contributing members class. We are trying to bring
the perspective of a grassroots organization to the Board level in an effort to
expand the Vision of the LWRC.

Year 5. 2010
o A hiatus was taken from Jan to mid March!
o Networking continues and a Water Workshop was attended and info passed o back to our cottagers. MACO and the Nature Manitoba membership.
o Soul contributes to the GCOA website.
o The GCOA Board reiterates that they want the Wetland assessment followed o through.
o Negotiations with the Contaminant Scientists seem to have ground to a
halt. Soul will negotiate Funding through other sources when they make up their minds.
o The GCOA donates another $500 to the LWRC for Educational programming needs. Mo continues to monitor the Educational programming, passing on the knowledge to the cottagers.
o Soul through the LWRC will go after further funding when the increased spending on items for the program is required.

o SOUL sponsors 5 students with Awards at the MSSS. The quality and complexity of Projects is improving. $300 in total is awarded.


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