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Natural Laundry and cleaning products that don’t damage the Lake or our Environment

Laundry products must be mainly free of phosphates (.05%) to comply with federal legislation, and automatic dishwasher products are now controlled as well.

Check the label!

If it doesn’t say phosphate free, the product undoubtedly contains phosphate chemicals, which are the worst offenders for producing the increasing toxic algae blooms in our lake. Unfortunately SOUL has not yet located a full listing of how to identify these products that “say” they are green. Caution is still required.

If you cannot find or don’t like regular commercial brands, try these alternative sources:

Amway products –include a low-phosphate dishwasher soap. There are 3 reps listed in the phone book.

Watkins – at B-2365 Ness Avenue, Winnipeg Ph 837-9786

Melaleucca – a complete range of health care, personal skin care, and household cleaning materials. All contain the essential natural Melaleucca oil ingredient (also known as Tea Tree oil), which has an amazing natural cleansing and antibiotic quality. Prices may seem high but are offset by very concentrated products that last for years without losing their effectiveness. Call 1-800-282-3000 for Manitoba agents.

Norwex Enviroproducts – Clean Without Chemicals. Norwex offers a whole range of microfibre cloths for every area of your home or cottage, as well as a line of phosphate free detergents for dishes, dishwashers and laundry. Check out products at

Humboldt’s Legacy environment-friendly store in the Wolseley area, at 887 Westminster stocks an environmentally friendly dishwasher product.

Shoppers Drug Mart is stocking ‘Method’ cleaning products, which are environmentally sound.

Home Hardware also stocks’ Natura’ products, which are based on the Tea tree oil ingredient.

Organza at Confusion corner in Winnipeg and Harry’s Foods are good sources of organic products.

Shaklee sells a “Get Clean “ Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate. This may seem expensive but one small bottle makes 48 gallons of cleaning solution. To order, call 1-800-shaklee.

Super Stores have “green” cleaners as well as a phosphate-free dishwashing solution.

Costco sells Ecos 100%, all natural, clothes friendly laundry soap that contains soy based fabric softener. Works in top/front loading washers, septic and grey water safe, non toxic, all temps of water and the packaging is recyclable.

Rona is introducing a new line of eco products from all purpose cleaners/hand soap/wall and window cleaners/biodegradable and compostable garden bags in two sizes.

Check the concentration of the product you are purchasing. Often the more expensive products are a better buy because you use far less in a load. Also consider that more concentrated products result in less landfill.

This list is meant to be a convenience to people looking to use products that are earth friendly. It is by no means a complete list of products that are available to shoppers. If you can add to our list, please contact us at we’d love to hear from you.

Remember to carry a reusable bag when you go shopping. One bag has the potential to eliminate an average of 2-5 years of plastic bags.


The Eco Network, based out of Winnipeg, regularly puts on information sessions and workshops in connection with Water issues. They can also provide much great information related to fertilizers, pesticides and gardening methods on their website:

Check if you are interested in more educational and action opportunities.

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