Sources for free printed and electronic material

Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium

The scientific group behind the research on the Lake. Community Presentations, school workshops and educational programming

Manitoba Department of Water Stewardship

Water monitoring for quality; Testing for e-coli and algae, Weekly Beach Water testing. Groundwater, rivers, streams, wells, septic systems testing results published.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Fresh Water Institute

501 University Crescent
U of M Campus
Ph: 945-6722

Prairie additions of; Shore, Fish Habitat and Dock Primers


Library, Mapping, discussion focus groups, workshops,‘ Green’ Gardening etc.

3rd floor MEC
303 Portage Ave.
Ph: 947-651

Department of Conservation Library at main floor Via Rail Station Main Street Winnipeg.

All govt. publications and brochures including 2007 Water Protection Handbook ” Water, Everyone’s Responsibility

Canadian Parks and Wilderness

Eastman Fisheries

Interlake Water Supply Company

Riverton Agri\\\