SOUL – Save Our Lake Initiative

Overview: The SOUL (Save Our Lake) initiative is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the health of Lake Winnipeg and its watershed. Please refer to our synopsis or the reports listed below for a detailed overview of our projects and their impacts.

Current Initiatives:

  1. Water Conservation and Beyond:

    • Workshop Summary by Mo Tipples/SOUL: This comprehensive workshop, hosted by the Mb Eco-Network Water Caucus, focused on critical water issues in Manitoba. The event brought together environmentally conscious individuals to discuss the sustainable use of water as a vital resource. The day-long session highlighted practical measures and educational insights on better managing and conserving water in various aspects of daily life.
    • Read more about the workshop.
  2. Additional Resources:

    • Lake Winnipeg Poster: This informative poster provides visual insights into Lake Winnipeg’s challenges and beauty. It is a great educational tool for schools, community centers, and public spaces.
    • SOUL Awards 2010: Recognizing contributions towards environmental stewardship and lake conservation, the SOUL Awards celebrate individuals and groups who have made significant impacts. The 2010 awards highlighted exceptional efforts in various categories related to lake health and community engagement.

For more information on how you can get involved or to keep up to date with our ongoing efforts, please contact us directly. Join us in our mission to preserve and rejuvenate Lake Winnipeg, ensuring it remains a vibrant and sustainable resource for generations to come.