Resources for Free Printed & Electronic Materials on Environmental Conservation

Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium

Dedicated to scientific research on Lake Winnipeg, this group offers community presentations, school workshops, and educational programming. Explore their resources and learn more about ongoing research efforts.

Website: Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium

Manitoba Department of Water Stewardship

This department monitors water quality across Manitoba, including E. coli and algae tests. It also conducts weekly beach water testing, tests groundwater, rivers, streams, wells, and septic systems, and regularly publishes its results and findings for public access.

Website: Manitoba Department of Water Stewardship

Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Fresh Water Institute

Located at the University of Manitoba, this institute provides insights into freshwater ecosystems, focusing on shorelines, fish habitats, and dock primers, among other topics.

Address: 501 University Crescent, U of M Campus, Winnipeg
Phone: 945-6722


This network facilitates various environmental activities, including a library, mapping projects, discussion groups, and workshops, particularly focusing on ‘Green’ gardening practices.

Location: 3rd floor, MEC, 303 Portage Ave., Winnipeg
Phone: 947-651
Website: Manitoba Eco-Network

Department of Conservation Library

Located on the main floor of the Via Rail Station on Main Street in Winnipeg, this library houses all government publications and brochures related to environmental conservation, including the “2007 Water Protection Handbook: Water, Everyone’s Responsibility.”

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

Offering a range of publications, including the “Green Cottager Guide,” which is available as a quick reference for eco-friendly cottage living.

Website: Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

These resources, accessible both online and in print, provide valuable information for individuals and communities interested in environmental stewardship and conservation.